Kiteboarding School Dominican Republic

Kiteworld – is the top Kiteboarding school Dominican Republic, known for its professionalism with tourists, kids, teens, and families. Kiteworld is located in Las Terrenas, a city of 14,000 people in the northeastern part of the country. You can reach this untouched paradise easily via flights and transfers directly to your chosen accommodation in Las Terrenas. Most people travel light and hire all the necessary equipment once they arrive – of which Kiteworld has everything you will need from boards and kayak rentals.

Kiteboarding school Dominican Republic
Kiteboarding school Dominican Republic

Whilst surfboarding spots like Cabarete are widely known and promoted, Las Terrenas has built a reputation amongst adventure travelers and families for being less crowded, having unspoilt beaches, being friendly and safe, and having great surf conditions. Across Las Terrenas, kiteboarding and kitesurfing is hugely popular. The kiteboarding schools like Kiteworld draw upon local knowledge to take surf beginners to the calm coves, and the take the advanced surfers out to the big breaks or even tours to secluded beaches via catamaran.

Kiteboarding school Dominican Republic – what to expect?

Wind conditions are optimal for kiteboarding from December to August. From mid-January to mid-March you will also have the opportunity to go whale watching in Samana Bay, located nearby on the opposite side of the peninsula. Beginners can expect an easy start to their learning.

Las Terrenas has protected areas that allow first-timers to get their feet wet and stand up unhindered by strong winds. This is a great option for families travelling from America or Europe who would like to add some adventure and fun to their holiday. 

Whereas intermediate and experienced kiteboarders will love the constant wind blowing across the long beaches. You can check out the weather conditions for yourself on the wind forecast for the Dominican Republic. This might inspire you to take your kiting to the next level by trying a hydrofoil – a big wing under a sort of surfboard, added to your kite quiver, which gives you a whole new speed. Only for advanced riders, trying a kitefoil will challenge you and make you feel new sensations. 

After a fun day in the sun, you will be welcomed to relax with your instructors and have some drinks. Beach, surf, and a friendly atmosphere – that’s what can be expected from Kiteworld. If you have any questions or need help organizing accommodation, transfers or excursions, click the button below to get in contact with our staff.

Kiteboarding school Dominican Republic – school packages 

Kiteworld Las Terrenas has the top kiteboarding lessons in the Dominican Republic. This is the only school to offer classes in English – and we also teach in Spanish and French. The first choice you need to make is how many hours or days you wish to have lessons. This will depend on the length of time you are staying in Las Terrenas. For beginners we recommend our Discover Package. This 3 hour introduction to kiteboarding in the Dominican Republic will give you a taste for the sport. You will start in a safe teaching environment, and by the end you will be in the water taking on the wind.

For kiteboarders who want to progress, they should consider the Hook-Up Package. This is the best solution if you want to become independent and be able to do kiteboarding on your own. After this course, you will be able to control your kite safely in every situation and ride the board. You will also receive your IKO certification.

Kids and Group Lessons

Kiteboard and Kitesurfing school Dominican Republic – Kids can start lessons as early as 8 years old, and they must be at least 40 kilos or over (roughly 90 pounds). A certain amount of weight on the board is important for maneuverability and safety – we don’t want kids flying away now, do we! You and your kids can start a free trial to see if they’ll enjoy a package of lessons.

Group classes are available for Kiteboarding school Dominican Republic – you can decide on doing classes as a family, or a group of friends. Sometimes individuals can come into a group if everyone is agreeable. These group kiteboarding lessons will allow you to learn kiteboarding while taking advantage of group rate savings. Two students can share the equipment together, if they so wish.

Kiteboarding school Dominican Republic

The packages include classes about the kite flying theory, weather conditions, and water psychology. A kitesurfing or kiteboarding diploma (recognized everywhere in the world) can be attained at the end of some of the packages offered by Kiteworld. Chat to us about your next holiday in Las Terrenas: Contact us about booking and transportation