27 de Febrero, Las Terrenas 32000

The weather

wind in DOminican REPUBLIC

Good weather all year

The high season from middle December until middle of September offers an amazing sunny weather with very little to no rain and great trade winds to cool you down from the hot days

Excellent Wind and Temperature

The Trade Winds blow consistently from December to middle of September. The Air temperature is 30°C all year long and the Water temperature is 28°C so no need to bring a wetsuit.

Low rainy Season – October to December

The Caribbean “raining season”, from October to the end of December is very weak and  most of the Hurricanes take a more northerly path.

Wind statistics

December 50%
January 75%
February 90%
March 90%
MAY 80%
june 70%
july 100%
september 50%
october 10%
november 10%