Kitesurfing for kids in Las Terrenas

Discover kitesurfing for kids in one of the world’s top beginner-friendly kite spot

KiteWorld Las Terrenas offers kitesurfing lessons for children and teenagers so they can learn to kitesurf at an adapted pace and in proper conditions, with fitted equipment. Our school will pick the best weather conditions, learning spot, and gear, according to their smaller and lighter frames, so they can learn in perfect conditions!

We usually try to group kids’ lessons, gathering them together so they’re surrounded by other children and can learn while having fun.

Kitesurfing for kids – At what age can they start?

There’s no specific age to start learning to kitesurf, it depends more on the kid’s weight. It should be at least 40kg (around 90lbs), so around 8 to 10-year-old. It’s also mostly is up to their motivation. They need to feel confident in the water and have good swimming skills too.

Kitesurfing for kids – What are the ideal conditions (spot, wind, water…)?

Las Terrenas is a great place for kids to learn kiteboarding, as it’s not crowded. The conditions are also ideal with a constant trade wind around 20 knots and flat and shallow crystal clear water.

Kitesurfing for Kids – What equipment?

Equipment doesn’t vary much, we usually start with a 1-meter kite with shorter lines and use all the safety equipment (harnesses, life jackets and helmets)

Kitesurfing for kids – Our pedagogy

In addition to an appropriately chosen spot, optimal wind conditions, and adapted equipment, teaching kitesurfing to children requires an adapted pedagogy.

Children usually get tired quickly and don’t have the same focus as adults, in KiteWorld we adapt our lessons to fit kids’ needs and temperaments. Each kid is different and requires specific teaching methods, our staff is trained to adapt the lessons and style of teaching to each style, so they feel safe, and learn while having fun.

Lessons usually last 2,5 to 3 hours with plenty of breaks and time to have fun in the water. The goal is to make them feel confident, help them master the basics of kiteboarding, and that they have a blast!

With more than 10 years of experience teaching kitesurfing in the Dominican Republic, Kiteworld has developed a specific learning method for young children. The only important prerequisite is that they have to feel comfortable in the water with good swimming skills!

The age of the student doesn’t matter much as we will assess his level of understanding as well as his motivation during the free initiation: flying a mini kite of 1 square meter on the beach in a light wind. The only real limit for kitesurfing for kids is the weight of the child.

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We take great pleasure sharing our passion for kitesurfing with the new generation which is the future of this relatively new sport. That’s why we offer a range of suitable equipment for them with harnesses, life jackets, and helmets in children’s sizes.

For teaching kitesurfing to children, we use kites with shorter lines which have many advantages:

  • Much less power is generated because the kite does not have time to accelerate;
  • A reduced apprehension of the flight height which is normally 25m;
  • Facilitated dialogue with the student to safely learn the delicate maneuvers of landing and take-off;
  • Provides greater safety margin during the safety systems trigger lesson on the beach;

The methodology is simplified as much as possible to make the exercises fun without too much theoretical explanation with more emphasis on learning by error. Particular attention will be paid during the kitesurfing course where the certified instructor will always be hooked behind the young student until he can stand safely on his own.

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