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Kitesurfing for kids

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children love to learn kite in paradise with the family

Kiteworld Las TERRENAS offers children and teenagers to learn to kitesurf at an adapted pace and in proper conditions, with fitted equipment. Our school will pick weather conditions, learning spot and gear accordingly to their smaller and lighter frames, allowing them to learn in perfect conditions!Offering « Special Kids » teaching days, we gather them together so they’re surrounded by other children and can learn while having fun.
First kitesurfing courses can start as early as 8 years old, it mostly is up to their weight (and motivation!).A kiteboarding lesson can start more or less from 40 kilos ( roughly 90 pounds).
On top of a chosen spot, accurate wind conditions and adapted equipment, learning to kitesurf to children requires a specific pedagogy.
Children have limited attention span, so lessons can not last as long as for adults: we offer training days last 2h30 to 3h, with plenty of recreational time during the course.
Learning, is always meant to be fun, but even more so with children!Teaching and guiding along our courses are adapted to every child personnality: each one of them experiences power kiting his own way. Some will need ro be reinsured, others to be canalysed, it is a matter of adjusting the teaching to each one of them’s feeling.

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