27 de Febrero, Las Terrenas 32000

Hydro foil

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Kite Foiling in Las Terrenas

discover your new kitesurf passion in las terrenas

A Hydro foil is a big wing under a sort of surfboard. It’s exists since 10 years and was mainly used for waterskiing, fast sailboats and in racing for kitesurfing. In 2014 the kite industry realized that this could be an interesting addition to your kite quiver, a whole new impulse to your kite style. With very little wind you can start to ride, and once you’re up you float with hardly any resistance. It’s amazing! Now possible to try at our kite centre. We developed a special program to learn this new sport fast and save!
Only for advanced riders kiteworld offers Foil Lesson using one of a special school Foil with a short mast for an easier progression.
Learning to foil is often harder than it seems and can be dangerous so we recommend you do the proper research before booking one of the Foil advanced lesson.
The goal of your first lesson is to learn about the principles of Hydrofoiling. We explain about the best conditions for you to learn hydrofoiling and the new safety aspects you have to know before you head out there. We deal with getting into the water while body dragging out with the foil, and then how to start on the board. Practicing a proper water start and riding and lifting on the short mast. Once the board is out of the water, the hydrofoil kicks in. You will rise out of the water and fall back down like a dolphin repeatedly until you learn to balance your weight to drive the board. In short we will deal with:
– Setting-up of the foil
– Safety aspects (walking, bodydragging)
– Board starting
– Riding and lifting on the short mast


1 HOUR 150$ 50$ 100$
3 DAYS 590$