Hydrofoil in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

KiteWorld offers hydrofoil lessons and initiation classes for kiteboarders who want to try something new and challenge themselves. It’s a lot of fun and takes kitesurfing to a whole new level. Our certified instructors will teach you all the basics and safety aspects of kite foiling so you can try out this new sport during your vacation to Las Terrenas.

Discover kite foiling your new kitesurfing passion in Las Terrenas!

A hydrofoil is basically a big wing added under a special type of surfboard. It’s pretty new and started to gain popularity about 10 years ago. At first, it was mainly used for waterskiing and sailboats but it got to kitesurfing soon after. It makes the boat or board rise above the water and gain in speed.

In 2014, the kite industry realized how interesting an addition it could make to a kite quiver, creating a whole new way of practicing kitesurfing.

Kitefoiling doesn’t require much wind, you can start to ride even with a weak wind, and once you’re up, you float without hardly any resistance. It’s an amazing sport for people who are good at kiteboarding and want to discover new sensations and learn a new skill. It’s great for people who love the water and are up for a new challenge. Learning kite foiling can be a bit tricky, but once you master it, it’s just incredible.


Now possible to try at our kite center!

At KiteWorld, we believe that nothing is impossible, we are the only school in the Dominican Republic offering hydrofoil lessons. We have developed a special program to teach this new sport in a safe way and that will allow you to improve and see results rapidly.

Kite foiling is for advanced riders only. KiteWorld offers hydrofoil lessons using a special teaching foil with a short mast for an easier progression. Learning to foil is often harder than it seems and can be dangerous so we recommend you do the proper research before booking one of the advanced lessons. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries you might have.

During your first lesson, you will learn about the principles of hydrofoiling, how it works, the physics behind it, so that once you’re out there you get a better understanding of how to position yourself.

We’ll then teach you about the best conditions to practice kite foiling and the safety aspects you should know about before you head out to the water. We will teach you how to get into the water while body dragging with the board, how to water start on the board, and the proper way to ride and lift the short mast.

Once the board is out of the water, the hydrofoil kicks in. At first, you will go up and down, rising out of the water and falling back down until you get used to it, then you will be able to balance your weight and ride the board all the way out of the water.

You will learn:

  • How to set up the foil;
  • Safety aspects (walking, body dragging);
  • How to water start with the board;
  • Riding and lifting the short mast;
  • How to slow down;
  • Riding techniques;

It is recommended to take the 3-day package, or at least 2 lessons if you really want to learn and master kite foiling. It really is different from kitesurfing, it’s a whole new riding style and body positioning you’ll have to learn. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a lot of fun.


1 HOUR90$80$70$
3 DAYS490$