Welcome to KiteWorld, Kiteboarding school in Las Terrenas

Our kiteboarding school in the Dominican Republic offers kiteboarding lessons for beginners as well as advanced coaching for the ones who already know how to kitesurf. We also rent all the gear you need to kitesurf if you don’t need classes, with quality equipment by Duotone Kiteboarding and Ion Sport.

In our school, you’ll find paddleboards and surfboards rentals as well as surfing lessons. All of our teachers are certified and will help you reach your goals while having fun.

Kitesurfing in Las Terrenas:

Located on the Dominican Republic’s east coast, Las Terrenas is just 2 hours away from the world-famous kitesurfing spot: Cabarete. With constant trade winds, warm water, and wave almost year-round, Las Terrenas is the ideal place to kitesurf, whether you are a beginner aiming to learn kiteboarding, or a seasoned kiteboarder looking for advanced coaching.

In Cabarete, you’ll often find yourself kiteboarding with over 200 other kites whereas in Las Terrenas, a small fishermen’s village, you might have the sea all to yourself. In Las Terrenas, you will find a secret spot inside a lagoon with butter flat and cristal-clear water perfect for all levels. Las Terrenas is one of the best kitesurfing spots in the Dominican Republic.

It’s also a perfect place for beginners as it’s not crowded, and the water and wind conditions are optimal for learning kiteboarding.

Las Terrenas is also a perfect place for your holidays, with many natural attractions and activities to keep you busy. You’ll also find some of the Dominican Republic’s finest beaches, with crystal clear water, and coconut trees all over.

Kitesurfing in the Dominican Republic

Our Kiteboarding school in the Dominican Republic

  • Certified instructors with quality & safe optimized teaching methodology;
  • English, French, Spanish & Portuguese speaking;
  • Walkie-talkie courses for fast results;
  • Friendly atmosphere;

Our kiteboarding school, KiteWorld, was created in 2013 with the idea of pushing forward the local kitesurfing community and taking teaching methods to the next level. Before that, Dominicans involved in kiteboarding were usually helpers and not instructors, so we started a charity program to put together a high-level instructor course at an affordable cost for locals.

They learned to teach kitesurfing properly, according to safety standards with a trial and error method. The course also includes classes about the kite flying theory, weather conditions, and students’ psychology. The kitesurfing diploma they get is recognized everywhere in the world, giving local people a chance to get out of the Dominican Republic and discover the world while giving kiteboarding lessons.

PORTILLO, kitesurfing spot in the Dominican Republic

KiteWorld is more than just a classic kiteboarding school, giving kitesurfing lessons and teaching new students. Our goal is to share our passion for this amazing sport and make it accessible and affordable for everybody.

Kiteworld Las Terrenas offers kiteboarding lessons and equipment rentals in the Dominican Republic, offering the latest and greatest gear from Duotone Kiteboarding and Ion sport.

Kiteworld Las Terrenas is happy to be part of the One Launch Kiteboarding community. This network offers you a list of quality kiteboarding schools around the world with strict conditions of teaching. Also, you have free access to kitesurf video tutorials to perfect your knowledge and improve your level by yourself. Get your kitesurf certification at the end of your kiteboarding course!

Don’t forget to fill in the OLK form after your lesson in order to keep the quality up.

More than a kitesurfing school, we also offer lessons and equipment rental for a wide array of water sports. We give surfing classes, as well as rent surfboards and paddleboards. Our school can also help you arrange for a hotel or private villa within your budget, and organize activities and excursions for when you’re not in the water, so you can have a worry-free holiday in the Dominican Republic. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more or for any inquiries about your trip to Las Terrenas.

For people who are really into kiteboarding, we offer kite cruises – spend a week kitesurfing from our catamaran, reaching epic kiteboarding spots you couldn’t reach from the land.