Beginners Kitesurfing Las Terrenas

So you want to kitesurf in the Dominican Republic? Here is our Beginners Kitesurfing Las Terrenas guide – one of the best places to learn kitesurfing or kiteboarding in the world. With miles of pristine coastline, there is flatwater for newbies to start their kiting adventure.

Kite Surfers from all over the world shred in the waters of Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic, which has become a mecca of kitesurfing for the elite. But, do not let that put you off into thinking that this paradise – located about 12 kilometres from Samana Bay – is only for experienced kiteboarders. Las Terrenas has coves and flatwater that help beginner kitesurfers learn in easy conditions. 

Beginners Kitesurfing Las Terrenas
Beginners Kitesurfing Las Terrenas – Kiteworld

What you must know: Beginners Kitesurfing Las Terrenas

You can find accommodations, local cuisine, and activities at affordable prices across the island. Traveling on the cheap is easy in the Dominican Republic. Kiteboarding in Las Terrenas is fantastic year-round. The summer season is when there is the steadiest wind in most spots, while winter is the wave season. The expected temperature throughout the year is about 25°C / 77°F, which means you might not want to wear a heavy wetsuit in the water. Which brings us to the topic of equipment. Kiteworld has all the gear you will need. You can hire a large range of kitesurfing equipment for beginners and kids from Kiteworld. This includes your board and kitesurf, helmets, foils, and even kayaks.

Beginners Kitesurfing Las Terrenas for kids
Beginners Kitesurfing Las Terrenas – kids at our school

Beginners Kitesurfing Las Terrenas – you should expect that standing and riding takes time. You won’t be flying through the air in the first hour. In fact, you will probably need 4-6 sessions to be able to confidently take on waves and high wind areas. However, you will progress quickly. So  by the end of your holiday in the Dominican Republic you should have some great memories and fun photos of you kitesurfing. We generally like to get beginner kitesurfers out into the water early in the morning because the winds here are thermal and start to pick up in the afternoon, lasting into the early evening.

If you come from a water background, for example you might already surf or wakeboard, then kitesurfing should be a natural next step. If you are completely new to the water, Las Terrenas offers a shallow coastline with many spots protected from the constant breeze. Kiteworld lessons will start on land though, giving you the best chance to get used to the feel of a board, and how to stand and grip the kitesurf. You can book Beginners Kitesurfing Las Terrenas lessons in advance if you wish, as sometimes the classes are full a few weeks ahead.

Beginners Kitesurfing Las Terrenas - Vincent at Kiteworld

Beginners Kitesurfing – how it works

So, what’s the trick? Most beginner kitesurfers assume that a kite flies because of the wind “pushing” inside the canopy of the kite. That’s actually not correct. Lift is generated by differences in air pressure, which are created by the air flow passing above and below the body of the kite. To launch a kite into the air, the force of lift must be greater than the force of weight (gravity + you). To keep a kite flying steady, these forces must be in balance. Lift must be equal to weight… and thrust must be equal to drag.

Steering a kitesurf

Beginners Kitesurfing Las Terrenas uses control bars and steering lines set up specifically for beginner riders. The bar sizes change with the kite size, and allow for proportional leverage and easy control. When the rider steers the kite, the input in the control bar is transmitted to the kite through the steering lines. The length of the lines will change depending on whether you are a beginner kite surfer or very experienced, since shorter steering lines are recommended when learning to fly a kite. 

Beginners in the water

The beautiful beaches of Las Terrenas offer kitesurfing beginners flatwater of varying depths. As a beginner, you won’t be in deep water to start off. Practice starts on the beach and progresses to waist deep water depending how fast you want to get riding. Kiteworld Las Terrenas is known for its kitesurfing beginners course in the Dominican Republic. Check our Vincent and his qualified instructor on their Instagram page to get a feel for what you might experience.

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