2022 top things to do in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic

Las Terrenas, the tropical getaway town located on the opposite side of Samaná Bay. It’s known for central Las Terrenas Beach and other beaches include Bonita, Cosón and Las Ballenas. Here is are the 2022 top things to do in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic:

1. Beaches in Las Terrenas

The Dominican Republic is all about one main thing – tropical relaxation. You can kitesurf, you can hike, you can swim, but all these activities centre around the stunning vista of the beaches. Among the 2022 top things to do in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic is exploring the great beaches. The coastline stretches from Coson beach to the west, and almost to Playa El Portillo in the east.

The name Las Terrenas originates from the French la terrienne (the landlord). The area of Samana was a slave trade port for the British in the early seventeenth century. However today, the locals are a mix from everywhere and all cultures – Taino, Spanish, West Indian, and African.
If you are looking for beautiful beaches, warm friendly people, and absence of the monster resorts and hotels then Las Terranas is the perfect destination for you. Among the many beaches is Playa Bonita.

It is very calming in one spot with coarse sand, yet  just down a little way you’ll find totally different sand and soft waves that are just right for surfing. Playa Bonita has several nice restaurants along the way. No crowds too. You can walk for several miles. You can see dolphins paying out in the water and you can collect seashells as you walk.

2. Adventures in Las Terrenas

For such a quiet pocket of the country, this place is packed with adventure sports options. One of the 2022 top things to do in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic is Kitesurfing. About nine years ago, elite kiteboarders rediscovered the area and began promoting it to their fellow kiters. They loved the flat open water and constant winds.

They wrote about Las Terrenas in professional magazines and blogs, and soon thereafter kite schools opened along the beaches. KiteWorld was one of the first, created in 2013 with the idea of pushing forward the local kitesurfing and kiteboarding communities – taking teaching methods to the next level. Their Kitesurfing lessons in the Dominican Republic are famous for teaching beginners and kids. That is because they know which beaches to take learners to, so that they can stand up on a kiteboard in less-windy, protected areas. 

2022 top things to do in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic – beaches

The second most popular thing to do is surfing in Las Terrenas. If you would rather leave behind the kitesurf and simply grab a surfboard and hit the beach, Las Terrenas offers perfect conditions for beginners, with beach breaks and shallow water. It’s the ideal destination if you want to learn to surf or if you haven’t surfed in a while. 

Some great surfing spots include: Playa Bonita where you’ll find beach break waves, right and left waves, and a sand bottom. It’s a great spot for beginners, and it’s usually uncrowded. In Playa Coson, you’ll find a sand bottom with a bit of reef. It’s a perfect spot for intermediate to expert levels. Playa Coson is exposed, with reef break waves, and it’s usually a quite reliable surfing spot.

3. Tours in Las Terrenas

What about whale watching? Whale Watching Excursions from Las Terrenas depart early in the morning on a small fisherman’s boat and head for the open waters off Samana Bay. Taking a small boat is far, far better than a bigger boat. This is because you get a personal experience without sharing a boat with a load of tourists. Kiteworld will take you to a secret spot, guided by local fishermen, where you can witness this unique phenomenon that takes place each year during winter – mothers teaching their newborns and males singing their love to females.

After swimming the Arctic circle, whales return to more tropical places every year to raise their little ones. One of the best places to see this beautiful natural phenomenon is in the Dominican Republic. In the marine protected area around Samana, it is possible to see hundreds of whales. Your chance of spotting these animals is therefore almost guaranteed. Be prepared for lots of tails, backs, blowholes and even full whale bodies jumping out of the water.

Whales off Las Terrenas – Kiteworld

The humpback whale is probably the best species for whale watching as they often come nearer to shore and like to stay on the surface, jumping and slapping the water. During the whale watching tour you’ll be able to watch the mother play around in the water with their calves, teaching them essential whale skills such as swimming and jumping – this definitely is in the 2022 top things to do in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic.

2022 top things to do in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic

Make sure to pack a light rain jacket, mornings can be chilly out on the open sea. Also, bring along your sunglasses for later in the day. Whale watching will be an unforgettable memory. The feeling of being so close to these gigantic animals is truly indescribable. Be sure to check out this 2022 top things to do in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic experience.

2022 top things to do in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic coast
Coastline to explore in Las Terrenas – Playa Bonita