Kiteboarding in the Dominican Republic

Kiteworld takes you through a 2022 guide to the most popular places for Kiteboarding in the Dominican Republic. Let’s take a look at the towns and the beaches that make kiters flock to the Dominican Republic for kitesurfing and kiteboarding. Every place has its pros and cons. If you’re like us, you’ll appreciate a mix of good kite conditions and as few tourists as possible. By the way, if you are interested in lessons you can check out our guide to the Best Kitesurfing school in the Dominican Republic.

1. Kiteboarding in the Dominican Republic, Cabarete

A lot has been written about kiting in Cabarete. This amazing resort town on the Dominican Republic’s northern coast is protected by a coral reef. Cabarete Bay has calm waters, combined with breezy conditions, making the beaches perfect for kiteboarding. There are different beaches and areas to practise along its coast:

Bozo Beach: A top spot for kitesurfing and bodysurfing.

Cabarete Beach: By far the most popular area. It is perfect to practise kiteboarding.

Cabarete Beach in the Dominican Republic is crowded.

But…Cabarete has its pros and cons. Let’s start with the positives: Cabarete is a perfect place for kitesurf lovers from beginner level to professional with moderate winds, not too high waves, and mild sand.

The wind season starts in April and lasts till August-September. The most stable winds in May until June. There is plenty of high end accommodation for kiters and non kiters alike. The town is full of shops, restaurants, and kiteboarding schools. 

The negatives: We mentioned that the best winds are from May to June. However, an unintended and bad side effect of the mass construction across the town (high buildings, hotels, etc) has meant the winds are getting less & less sustainable for the last couple of years. In fact, you can go several days without decent winds in Cabarete now. If you want to go kiteboarding in the Dominican Republic, this isn’t ideal.   

Kiteboarding in the Dominican Republic – Cabarete is busy

The second big issue with kiteboarding in the Dominican Republic at Cabarete are the crowds. It’s insane. Many people take their first kiteboarding lesson here. So it is not the easiest spot to find open space. Hundreds of people can be on the beach at any one time. Beginner kiteboarders often have trouble steering their kite and this ultimately leads to crashes and collisions out on the water. This can be very frustrating if your skill level is intermediate to advanced.

All you will want to do is escape the crowds and reach open waters where you can ride free, do tricks, and relax on your own – which is what kiteboarding is all about. We have just the place for you….where the beaches are far less crowded and the wind is better.

3. Kiteboarding in the Dominican Republic, Las Terrenas

Less crowds, with better, more consistent winds – welcome the best town in the Dominican Republic for kiteboarding. Las Terrenas is situated on the northeast coast, just around the peninsular from the famed Samaná Bay.

Las Terrenas – free from tourists

Las Terrenas has been isolated from the rest of the country, and only now have the village’s old fishing cabins been slowly transformed into bars and shops. This makes the area authentic and free of tourist hordes. Kiteboarding here is epic. Windswept beaches call to experienced adventurers as the waves and wind create a pro-kiteboarding paradise. Whereas, protected coves allow new riders to get their feet wet without the worry of big waves or harsh winds. View the live wind statistics and forecast for kiteboarding.

Playa Perdida: private and spectacular. The “Lost Beach” truly lives up to its name as a private beach – very calm and quiet. Ask the locals which road to take to find this little gem. 

Playa Jackson: also known as Virgin Beach, this isolated stretch of sand is the best kept secret in Las Terrenas, and possibly the world. Read more about Playa Jackson in our 2022 Guide to Dominican Republic kiteboarding holidays.

Punta Popy: You’ll find side on-shore winds and a generally choppy sea. It’s good for intermediate to advanced levels, where you can ride downwind and try hydrofoils. As Kiteboarding in the Dominican Republic goes, Punta Popy rates highly as an ideal beach.  

El Portillo: Just a 12-15 minute drive from the centre of Las Terrenas is El Portillo, and another 4 minutes by foot to the beach (going past Bahia Principe Grand El Portillo). This area is great for all levels of kite surfing. Offering side shore wind, downwind ride, and flat water, El Portillo is spectacular.

Kiteboarding in the Dominican Republic – planning your trip

The Dominican Republic is serviced by several international airports, including Punta Cana International Airport, Las Américas International Airport, and La Isabela International Airport. The airport shuttles run regularly to Las Terrenas. Though we highly suggest you book ahead, especially if you are landing late on a weekend – sometimes the buses stop operating by 4pm.

A final word on accommodation. Choose wisely. Often the big resorts are not the way to go. If you’re like us, and you prefer more personal attention and less crowds, then consider a small villa or luxury hilltop property. View some of the best accommodation in Las Terrenas here.