Best Kitesurfing school in the Dominican Republic

Welcome to the best kitesurfing school in the Dominican Republic – Kiteworld. But, hey don’t just take our word for it. Over a hundred reviews on Google and TripAdvisor from happy customers paint the picture; in their own words, see what they have to say about Vincent and his qualified team of kitesurfing instructors:

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The best kitesurfing school in the Dominican Republic is Kiteworld. We are located in Las Terrenas, a hidden gem in northern Dominican Republic with spectacular beaches and stunning scenery. Learn to kite with us or build on your skills. Here are the top reasons hundreds of people have chosen to learn kitesurfing with us.

We help plan your vacation from A to Z

With attractive hotel and villa offers in Las Terrenas, transportation, excursions, equipment rental, and anything else you might need to relax, Kiteworld helps to give you a stress-free vacation in the Dominican Republic. Our kiteboarding school is dedicated to bringing you the best experience possible while sharing our passion for kitesurfing in a friendly atmosphere.

Only English and French speaking instructors

Kiteworld kiteboarding and kitesurfing school in the Dominican Republic is the only place you can get lessons in professional fluent English, and courses and certificates in English. This makes us a great choice for American travelers and families, and tourists coming to us from Europe who use English as a bridge language to their mother tongue. Vincent, the owner of Kiteworld, is a native French speaker and happily teaches kitesurfing students in French.

Best kitesurfing school in the Dominican Republic – beaches

IKO certifications for course completion

The International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) recognizes Kiteworld in Las Terrenas as a certified trainer of kitesurfers and the best kitesurfing school in the Dominican Republic, by awarding students who attend the kitesurf lessons with a certificate of completion. This certification is attained in both the “Hook-up” and “Intense” surf school packages offered at Kiteworld. Can you find the full kitesurfing course outlines here. Our instructors have lots of pre- and post-qualification experience, putting them in a better position to coach you safely and successfully.

Best Kitesurfing school in the Dominican Republic

Kitesurfing has to be one of the coolest sports you can do on water. No wonder kids and teens want to give it a go. Most beginners are completely new to boardsports, watersports and kite-flying, so lessons start from scratch. Many have never flown a kite or done another watersport in their life. That’s no problem. Kiteworld teaches kids from ages 8 and up. Additionally the child must be at least 40kgs. For teaching kitesurfing  and kiteboarding to children, we use kites with shorter lines which have many advantages – one being that less power is generated because the kite does not have time to accelerate, thus making the kite easier to control.

best kitesurfing school in the Dominican Republic beginners

If a student has prior board-riding experience, plus the right one-to-one coaching, they could potentially be independent in a single day. Generally, most people need around 10-12 hours, or a course of three lessons to get up and ride along. By the end of a course, you will have the knowledge and skillset to make independent decisions and practice safely.

Excursion and kitesurfing day trips

Las Terrenas is the perfect vacation spot, it features some of the best beaches in the country. It is also a springboard to many exotic tourist locations. So of course, the best Kitesurfing school in the Dominican Republic would offer day trips and excursions.

KiteWorld is more than a kiteboarding and kitesurfing school. We do private tours to the following great locations:

The excursions we offer are special because we work closely with Dominicans, locals to the places we visit. We try to involve locals and local companies to develop a more sustainable type of tourism that benefits all and is respectful of the environment. The best kitesurfing school in the Dominican Republic is Kiteworld – contact Kiteworld now.