3 steps to suceed in Kiteboarding Boat

Kiteboarding boat, the ultimate guide to rigging and launching your kiteboard from a boat. In this step by step article we will present the challenges, and tips you need to make kiteboarding from a boat easy. We have included two videos as well, the best ones that show the techniques used by experienced kiters.

Kiteboarding boat

Okay, there are two reasons you would launch a kiteboard from a boat. The first is if you take a dedicated boat out to a kiteboarding spot, like a Kite Cruise in the Dominican Republic. The second reason depends on the wind. If the wind and other circumstances are not favorable, then sometimes the best choice is to launch from the back of a boat. Remember, this decision is probably for intermediate to advanced kiters only. Out at sea, offshore winds are generally gusty and unpredictable, with little or no chance at all to return to shore.

Things to get ready: Kiteboarding boat

  1. Preparing your lines – you can either lay out your lines around the boat, however this can be messy and awkward. The best way is faking the line. Faking is laying it down in a coiling manner, with long zig-zags. Then, winding the lines back onto the bar, separating the lines from each other as you go. Be sure to leave enough line unwrapped from the bar so you can rig the kite.
  2. Rigging the kite – Make sure the leading edge of the kite is secure to something, the same way you would on land. Push the kite into the water and begin to inflate it. Attaching the lines can be tough, so remember to affix the lines in an order that prevents them from crossing each other. Secondly, keep the attached lines between the wing tips and on the bladder-side of the canopy.
  3. The launch – Launching a kiteboard from a boat is basically like a regular self-launch. Start by putting the kite in the water with the leading-edge down, and facing upwind. Again, make sure all the lines are between the wing tips. Let the kite drift away while you unwind the lines.
Kiteboarding boat: Rigging and launching from a boat – how to do it right
Kiteboarding boat: Launch And Land Off A Boat – another great video

As an extra safety measure you could use a rope to secure to the boat, and the other on a Caribbean clip that leads to the harness loop on your bar. Launching a kiteboard from a boat is fun and can get you out onto the water to explore new areas.

We recommend exploring the Dominican Republic by catamaran. At KiteWorld, our goal is to share our paradise and everything it has to offer, with kitesurfing lessons available for kids and adults. For more on Kiteboarding boat launch locations, check out Kiteboarding Las Terrenas. There you will see some of the greatest kiteboarding spots from across the Caribbean.

The Dominican Republic by Catamaran

If you are thinking about a kiteboarding boat launch, why not do it in style from a catamaran? The Kiteworld catamaran features 3 queen-size cabins that can host up to 6 guests and comes fully crewed with the captain, a chef, and a kite instructor. We offer you an unforgettable stay, discovering the secret beaches of the Dominican Republic’s northern coast, where the wind conditions are optimal for kiteboarding from December to August.

Kiteboarding boat launch tip: keep one of the front lines tighter than the rest. This will ensure the kite remains depowered, and with the leading edge upwind. This will also help you get clear from the boat nicely. A clean getaway is what you are aiming for when doing a kiteboarding boat launch.

By far the most important rule is not to place your body in a position around the lines that could harm you if the kite suddenly takes wind and powers up!