27 de Febrero, Las Terrenas 32000

Kitesurf rental

Dominican Republic las terrenas 

kite and boards rental


If you choose to travel light or simply save on excess luggage, you can rent your Kitesurfing equipment here in Kiteworld Las Terrenas.
We have the latest Duotone Kiteboarding Kites and Boards available for rent.
Don’t pick only one Kite, Full Day or discounted Full week Gear pass which gives you access to all the Kites sizes and Boards available in the Kite Center.
Kite Rentals are available to experienced Kiteboarders only and the riders are responsible for all damages made to the kite.

Supervision is for those who can not stay upwind or need some assistance, or if your instructor does not think you are ready to practice alone. Supervision includes all the Equipment you need plus an Assistant who will stay with you and keep a close eye on you for your safety.

All unsupervised rentals are subject to terms and a deposit. You must have an autonomous level and be able to ride up wind to rent unsupervised.
If you do not have an IKO Kiteboarders Card then a short assessment may be given.



2 HOURS 20$ 60$ 30$
1 DAY 40$ 80$
1 WEEK 190$ 390$